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Terms of reference of the Regional Organizing Committee

I. Introduction:

As the chair of ASEAN 2020, Vietnam will be the host of ASEAN People’s Forum 2020. In order to prepare for the successful forum, the Organizing Committee builds its Terms of Reference.

II. Aims and Objectives:

- To ensure a smooth operation of all committees in order to have the best organisation of APF 2020;

- To ensure a fullest realization and implementation of the forum’s principles and modality;

- To involve full participation of all members of the organizing committee.

III. Guiding Principles and Engagement Modality:

- Human rights – adhere to international human rights principles and standards as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights laws;

- Democracy – respect principle of democratic process;

- Good governance – be participatory, consultative and have genuine engagement and dialogue;

- Rule of Law – adhere to the rule of law;

- Non-discrimination – respect that everyone is equal irrespective of race, religion, sex, gender, social opinion and other status …;

- Nonretrogress/progressive/Evolutionary – not regress in term of human rights and to be updated with current minimum standards;

- Commitment to spread awareness on ASEAN - socializing ASEAN to the constituents.

- Opening doors – provide a platform for more people to be involved.

- Participation – get as many groups and communities as genuine partners. This would involve getting people from grassroots community

- Consultative/ dialogue – include engagement in the dialogue processes.

- Coalition building - build coalitions as some of the members are part of different networks.

- Consensus - endeavor for consensus building and respect of ideas in the spirit of democratic decision process.

- Citizen spaces– create spaces for common people to voice their issues.

- Respect diversity and inclusivity - respect differences of opinions, representation of  people/issues, openness to learn and to engage.

- Non-violence – to reject promotion of violence or incitement of hatred.

- Solidarity – Strengthen solidarity and cooperation between Southeast Asian people.

IV. The Regional Organizing Committee:

1. The Regional Organizating Committee shall be composed of the (1) Steering Committee; (2) Program Committee and (3) Drafting Committee;

2. Each committee shall be composed of 24 members (12 official and 12 alternate): each of the 11 countries and regional caucus, via their own processes will nominate 02 members (01 official & 01 alternate)

V. Working principles:

1. Committees shall work on the principles of equality, democracy and consensus.

2. Due to the special role and responsibility of the host country, representatives of the host country shall be heads of committees.

3. Meetings will be convened with a minimum quorum of more than 50% members of committees. Online meetings can be used in case face-to-face meeting cannot me convened. 

VI. Role and Responsibilities of ROC:

1. Steering Committee:

- Exercise the administration of the entire forum, including clear delegation of functions and responsibilities;

- Serve as highest decision-making body of the Forum;

- Represent the APF in its cooperation with external partners/ non - forum partners;

- Handle relations with the mass media;

- Maintain communication with national and regional processes to ensure the processes smoothly;

- Ensure the deployment of the forum’s objectives.

2. Program Committee:

- Develop the draft program/agenda of APF 2020 to submit to RSC for approval;

- Draft guidelines and call for workshops/events;

- Produce format and criteria, including guidelines for speakers, rapporteurs and moderators for public sessions of the ACSC/APF 2020;

- Draft templates for workshops/events proposals;

- Draft announcements, registration form, invitation letters to participants, speakers, rapporteurs and other guests;

- Assist in identifying and inviting resources persons for public sections;

- Make a list of participants, speakers, rapporteurs and guests;

- Send calls for workshops/events, collect and classify registered proposals from the participating organizations, make recommendations and submit to Steering Committee for final approval;

- Coordinate with other committees in the discharge of responsibilities described in this TOR.

3. Drafting Committee

- Draft templates for all related documents (conference statement, final statement, activity reports, Convergence spaces’ reports…);

- Set guidelines for reports to the plenary sessions that are to be made by prerecorded video;

- Follow up, collect reports of the plenaries, workshops and other events for the drafting of the final statement and related documents;

- Make all minutes of plenaries, workshops and other events;

- Draft the final statement;

- Chair the plenary for adoption of the final statement.

- Cooperate with the Steering Committee in production of the overall narrative report of the APF 2020.

 V. Roles and Responsibilities of NOC:

- Be the national focal point to contact with related external partners (local Ministries, Departments and Organisations;

- Be head of regional committees;

- Draft all document, papers for APF to proposed to ROC;

- Moderate the participation of all committees’ members;

- Chair national and international meetings of all committees;

- Cooperate with ROC to do preparation and organization work for APF.



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