Thursday, 05/11/2020, 14:40 PM

Opening Ceremony of the ASEAN People’s Forum (APF) 2020

Opening Ceremony of the ASEAN People’s Forum (APF) 2020 on 5th  November, 2020  (Photo: TV)

Overview of the ceremony. (Photo: TV)

HE. Le Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs speaks at the Opening Ceremony (Photo: TV)

Mr Phan Anh Son, Vice President, Secretary General of The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, Chair of Vietnam NOC speaks at the Opening Ceremony  (Photo: TV)

H.E. Kung Phoak, Deputy Secretary General for ASEAN for Socio-Cultural Community (Photo: TV)

The ASEAN People’s Forum 2020 (APF 2020) is hosted by Vietnamese people’s organizations from 05-07 November, 2020 at the Centre for Women and Development, Hanoi under the theme of “Southeast Asian People Solidarity for an Inclusive, Cohesive and Responsive Community”.

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