Thursday, 22/10/2020, 15:33 PM

Call and Guidelines for workshops


          The ASEAN People’s Forum (APF) 2020 will be organized by Viet Nam under the theme of “Southeast Asian People Solidarity for an Inclusive, Cohesive and Responsive Community” with the aims of (1) exchanging information and sharing experience with a view to enhancing mutual understanding, solidarity, linkage and unity among social movements and people’s organisations of Southeast Asian countries, (2) exchanging ideas on proactive, active and constructive measures targeting coordinated actions bySoutheast Asian people’s organisations to cope with common challenges in the process of building the ASEAN community, (3) enhancing people’s participation and involvement in decision-making process of ASEAN through advocacy and monitoring activities, making recommendations to ASEAN leaders for building a people-oriented and people-centered ASEAN.

          The Organizing Committee is calling for interest in the organization of workshops at the APF 2020 under the following convergence spaces:(1) Peace and Security; (2) Human Rights and Access to Justice, (3) Ecological Sustainability; (4) Labour and Migration; (5) Alternative Regionalism; (6) Transformative and Solidarity Economy; (7) Trade, Investment, and Corporate Power; (8) Life with Dignity; (9) Culture and the Arts; (10) Innovation, New and Emerging Technology, Digital Rights; (11) Racial Discrimination and Religious Extremism.

           Interested organizations are requested to kindly send their application to the Program Committee via email: BEFORE 25 October 2020.

Guidelines for application:

          1. The workshops should reflect ASEAN people’s concerns;

          2. Gender balance should be taken into consideration;

          3. Each workshop should be co-organised by at least 03 organizations from 03 countries;

          4. Each workshop should include a minimum of 10 participants and 04 speakers;

          5. Workshop proposals must be no more than 2 pages in length.

Expected format of agenda (2 hours)

          - Introduction of the workshops (5 mins)

          - Speakers: (50mins)

          - Discussion: (60 mins)

          - Summary: (5mins)

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