Wednesday, 04/11/2020, 15:09 PM (GMT+7)

Guidelines for registration and using Webex



The platform of APF 2020 is the Cisco Webex Event. Webex software is divided into two windows: Panelist (Moderators and Speakers) and Attendee (Participants).

1. What can Panelists do:

- Unlock, turn on your own camera and share documents, screen. Read information on Q&A chatbox and chat with people.

- Moderators run the meeting through the meeting room technical staff (host), the host will support Moderators about technical issues such as moving Attendee room into Panelist room, turning on and off mic...

2. What can Attendee do:

-Attendees could not see each other, only watch the meeting and speak.

- If attendees want to speak, please raise hands (press the hand icon) or use Q&A chatbox. Moderator will invite attendee to speak upong their request.

- Attendees can chat with people via chat icon and raise questions via Q&A chatbox.

* Notice: Webex event cannot devide into smaller private rooms to discuss in smaller groups.


- 02/11:

+ The program of APF2020 finalised;

+ Technical team creates links for each meeting room: there will be 26 links (24 links for 24 workshops; 02 for  opening, closing and plenaries).

- 03- 04/11:

+ The Organizing Committee will send links (attached in the tentative program) to registered participants, ROC members. Links can also be posted on APF 2020 Website.

Note: Participants can register to participate in any meeting session. A participant could register for multiple meeting sessions.

- 4/11:

Technical test about 30 minutes (panelists are encouraged to participate). Specific time and the test link will be informed to participants in advance.

* Notice:

- CS coordinators should send the lists of speakers to the Organizing Committee by 5pm 4 November 2020 and send the registration links to speakers to install Webex and practise using the applications.


1. Registration via Website

- Do registration via link

- After successful registration, there will be an automatic email reply and Registration ID sending to participants.


- Registration via Website will be closed at 12:00 on 6/11/2020.

- The automatic mailbox only provides Registration ID. Please do not send FAQs via this email address.

2. WEBEX online meeting platform

* Step 1: Install Webex (Participants are encouraged to install this app BEFORE the session)

Access link: ->  select Webex Meetings

- Select “Download for window” to install Webex on your computer/laptop.

- Select “Download on the App Store to install Webex” on Iphone, Ipad

- Select "Get it on Google Play" install Webex on Android smartphone

* Step 2: Register for a meeting session

NOC will send the detailed program (with LINKs attached). Participants can select the sessions they want to attend and click the corresponding links.


For computer/laptop: Click the link -> select "Register" -> fill necessary information (First name, Last name, email address, country, organization...)  -> select “Submit”, the registration process is completed.

Shortly after, please check your email:

+ Firstly, You will receive an email with title “Your registration was received for Web seminar…” from WEBEX.

+ Secondly, you will receive another email with title “Registration approved for Web seminar…” -> click “Join event” or “link of the event” -> select “Run a temporary application”  -> Run the downloaded file -> “Join event”.

+ For smart phone: please follow the instruction to access the meeting room.

Note: Participants should enter the session at least 15 minutes before it opens. All will join as attendees. Technical will then move speakers and moderators to panelists. Speakers and Moderators can also contact the host via Q&A box if they are missed.


- Only those who registered online via website can join in online APF 2020 on the Webex platform.

- For the Opening, the meeting room will be open 60 minutes before (8AM  (Hanoi time) on 5 November).

- For workshops, the room will open be 15-30 minutes before. Participants are encouraged to enter the meeting room 15 minutes before the session starts.

- Participants are encouraged to use a computer/laptop with a micro and webcam, to utilize full functions.

Contact: If participants do not receive an invitation letter from Webex or Email from the Organizing Committee, please contact the NOC via email address: apf2020vietnam@ gmail  for assistance.